Messerschmidt Scholarship

Purpose - The purpose of this scholarship is to provide awards to applicants who are not enrolled High School seniors but who are High School graduates and Westbrook residents seeking financial aid for post-secondary education. This scholarship is available to full or part-time students and is awarded once per year.
Applicants who receive this award may reapply for additional funds for classes taken in future years.

Criteria for Selection

  • The candidate must have a Westbrook domicile address.
  • The candidate must maintain, at least, a 2.0 GPA (both for the last semester completed and as a cumulative average).
  • The candidate must be seeking a degree (associates, undergraduate or graduate)or certification training from an established, accredited institution of higher education for a career change or enhancement.
  • The candidate's financial need is a consideration.
  • The candidate must exhibit academic achievement and/or success in their work experience.
  • If the candidate is eligible for partial reimbursement from their employer or other source (i.e. military, state or federal government, etc.) then assistance may still be awarded provided that the necessary information is included. Candidates who are eligible for full reimbursement from any source under any circumstances need not apply.

Scholarship Board - The award is at the discretion of the trustees of the Westbrook Foundation.

Procedure to Apply

  • Complete the "Westbrook Foundation Application" for "Other than Current High School Senior".
  • The candidate must complete a 200-300 word essay explaining the candidate's background and reasons for seeking this career change or education enhancement.
  • The candidate's official transcript from the last school attended needs to be attached, if at all possible (If submitting an official transcript is not possible, please explain).
  • If the candidate has not attended any educational institution in the past three (3) years, then two (2) letters of recommendation from sources outside the immediate family must be included. The letters should be from sources whose personal knowledge would enable them to attest to the candidate's potential to be successful in the pursuit of a degree or certification.

Notification - Upon receipt of the candidate's completed application, the Trustees will decide and send a letter of notification as to whether or not a scholarship has been awarded.

Amount of Award - The amount of the scholarship award will be some or all of the request of the candidate depending upon the total number of candidates who apply, the relative financial need of each candidate, and the funds available.

Deadline -Applications are due in the Guidance office or mailed to The Westbrook Foundation, Inc. and postmarked on or before April 1st.