Westbrook Grange #123

Westbrook Grange #123 Scholarship

Purpose - The Westbrook Grange #123 sponsors a scholarship through the Foundation for a Westbrook student who is a senior in a private, parochial or public school (including technical school).

Criteria for Selection - The student must intend to pursue further education in one or more of the following fields: agriculture, environmental sciences, forestry, horticulture, and/or animal husbandry. The student need not be at the top of the class but must show promise in his or her chosen field and have financial need.

Scholarship Board - The student is chosen by the Westbrook Foundation after consultation with the appropriate educators and staff.

Procedure to Apply

  • The applicant must complete the "Westbrook Foundation Application".
  • The candidate must complete a 200-300 word essay that lists interests, ambitions, concern, and/or specific plans for the future. The essay must have your social security number on the top, right-hand corner. Your name should appear only on the back of the essay.
  • The candidate's official transcript needs to be attached.
  • The candidate must provide two letters of recommendations.

Notification - A formal presentation of the scholarship will be given to the successful candidate at graduation. An alternate and second are chosen, but not announced, in the event that the principal recipient does not enter college.

Amount of Award - $750

Deadline - Applications are due in the Guidance office or mailed to The Westbrook Foundation, Inc. and postmarked on or before April 1st.